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Professional SEO solutions for Sussex & Kent businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation

I use a blend of technical and creative SEO expertise to increase your visibility in the search results so you can generate more new customers. I mainly work with businesses in West and East Sussex and parts of Kent but have clients further afield.

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On-Site Optimisation

Technical Analysis
Content Optimisation
Title & Meta Optimisation
Google Tools Integration

SEO Strategy

Audience Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
SEO Audit

Off-Site Optimisation

Content Strategy
Building Authority
Local SEO
Social Media Integration

Online Marketing

Google AdWords
LinkedIn Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Conversion Optimisation

SEO Work

SEO Approach

Search engine optimisation campaigns are divided into key disciplines, as each aspect requires a different approach and skill set.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO involves making sure your web pages, title tags, meta descriptions and content are optimised for your target key terms. The technical audit involves assessing the overall structure and web architecture to make sure it is ‘search engine friendly’

Key Phrase Research

This involves researching your target audiences’ search behaviour to best understand which search engines they use and the phrases they are ‘Googling’. Once an initial list of phrases have been identified, I’ll then research the search volumes for each phrase so we can get a rough idea of how many times they are being typed into a search engine each month. The final stage involves narrowing that list down to create a primary list of keywords to focus on as part of our SEO efforts. These are the phrases that are going to drive the highest quality visitors that will have a positive impact on your business.

Competitor Analysis

Analysing the competition is a key part of SEO. This will help us to understand who you’re up against when it comes to ranking on the first page of search engine like Google. Of course, everyone wants to be on the first page, but not every business deserves to be there. By carrying out a thorough investigation of the search landscape, we’ll be able to set realistic goals for your business and develop a long term plan that won’t get you penalised. In today’s search environment your brand and website have to earn the right to be listed on page one.

Technical Assessment

This aspect involves making sure your underlying architecture and structure of your site is ‘search engine friendly’ and encourages your visitors to interact with your site. You want to avoid having your clicking back to the search results, which could result in a high bounce rate for your site, which won’t help your rankings.

Content Optimisation

This aspect involves making sure you’re providing the search engines with clear relevancy signals – mainly done through the creation, styling and organisation of content on your site. Put simply, the content you publish on your website needs to relate to the key phrases that your ideal visitors will be typing into search engines. Creating new content is also a key part of the off-site element of an SEO campaign.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO involves implementing digital & content marketing activities that will help to build the authority of your website. Many people associate this aspect with link building, but it goes way beyond that.

Your Online Reputation

This aspect of SEO involves building authority so that Google sees you as an ‘expert’ in the subject matter you have decided to focus on. The more authoritative your website, the greater the chance the search engines will trust your content and rank your web pages higher up in the organic search results.

One of the most effective ways of building your online authority comes from creating high quality content that visitors will engage with and share with others via social media and web links. Think of a link as a vote of confidence. The goal is to acquire high quality, contextually relevant links to your site. This sends a positive signal to Google saying that your site is worth visiting. In the early days of SEO, the practice of ‘link building’ was pretty unsophisticated and mainly focused around trying to set up lots of ‘low quality links’ to your site. But in today’s search environment, this a high risk strategy and not an effective use of your budget. Furthermore, it could trigger a penalty resulting in your site being removed from the search index.

Content Creation

Having great content on your website is a fundamental part of any digital campaign. Visitors seek content that helps them achieve their online goals. Whether that’s obtaining advice on how to solve a particular problem or finding a specific model of TV. In simple terms, if you don’t have content on your site that closely relates to the user’s search query, then you’re going to struggle to rank for those terms.

It’s also important to create content that will help your visitors to move through each phase of their decision making process.  This content could include ‘help & expert guides’; ‘top 10 lists’; product review blog posts and white papers. But content can also come in the form of other useful digital assets like infographics, videos, online calculators and mobile apps. The idea is to create a highly engaging assets that users will want to interact with, share and link to.

This approach results in a more natural form of link building and forms the bedrock of the off-site strategy that I will develop for you. It’s a process that requires a more creative and intelligent approach and one that does require a greater investment in time, but it will deliver better and more sustainable results in the long term.


How many keywords & phrases do you focus on?

At the start of your SEO campaign, we’ll work with you to develop a keyword strategy and theme that focuses on helping you to reach your ideal customers. The actual number of phrases we focus on depends on a number of factors such as competition levels, previous activity, content and budget. However, you’ll always have a group of primary and secondary key phrases that will make up your campaign.

Can you guarantee me a number one spot on Google?

Unfortunately no SEO specialist can ever guarantee a number one spot for a particular keyword. The important thing to focus on is targeting the right key phrases, i.e. the ones that you have a realistic chance of ranking well for and ones that will deliver high quality visitors that you can convert into new customers. We focus on ethical organic search techniques that do not violate Google’s quality guidelines. We would also recommend you read the advice Google offers up regarding hiring an SEO.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on a number of factors. But typically speaking new websites or start-ups that have never invested in some form of online marketing will have to be more patient and think long-term. If you want quick results, then there may well be better alternatives initially, such as Google AdWords. However, if you’ve got a well-oiled online marketing machine, then results can happen a lot faster, but as a general rule of thumb, we’d give it 3 to 6 months to see some form of upward trend in keyword rankings and website visitors.

Can you offer a DIY solution and training?

Yes we can provide SEO training and act as a mentor to help you to develop the right skills to be able to manage your SEO in-house. We can advise on which tools you might want to consider purchasing and we can also help you with setting-up and structuring your own team of experts. We mainly provide our services to businesses located in Kent & Sussex but we’re happy to consider doing remote training also.

Covid-19 update: at the moment we’re not meeting face to face with any of our clients, so all mentoring and training is done online using video conferencing.

How do you charge for your services?

We cost up projects and campaigns based on a number of key factors, but generally speaking we divide search engine optimisation into two key areas as each aspect requires a different approach and skill-set:

  1. On-site optimisation –  this aspect is usually costed up as a standalone project and we can provide you with a quote to carry out the initial assessment and audit. Once that is done, there may be corrective actions that need to be put in place to fix any issues with your website that have been identified.
  2. Off-site optimisation – when it comes to costing up off-site optimisation, there are many things to consider such as how much of the work you’re prepared to do yourself. All our SEO solutions are bespoke and are designed to evolve and adapt over time as your business grows and changes. This flexibility means that we don’t tie you into long term monthly retainers; we agree a fixed price for the project based/on-site optimisation elements and then discuss what level of monthly investment you can afford for the on-going and more creative elements. We can then present you with a suitable on-going campaign solution and budget.

Can you help me with other online marketing activities?

Yes we have experience of developing online marketing campaigns that can complement your organic search activity. We can set-up and manage small scale Google AdWords campaigns and provide you with recommendations on getting the most out of social media and email marketing. If you’re also looking to re-design your website then we can provide a complete web design service at affordable rates.