Green Septic Solutions Case Study

Case Study: Web Design Local SEO Branding

Green Septic Solutions

Our client, (specialist sewage treatment plant installers located in Heathfield, East Sussex) approached us to help him get his new business online. We worked alongside Mark to develop a logo, a WordPress website and digital marketing plan including a local search engine optimisation strategy.

Mark was new to ‘digital’ and so he relied on us to provide him with practical advice about what to do and where to focus his budget for maximum impact. We also assisted Mark with his wider marketing planning and setting up his ‘Google My Business’ listing so he could generate leads from his local area and showing him how to use Google Analytics.

Services delivered:

Website Development, SEO

Logo Design

Domain Name Registration & Hosting

Web Development

Marketing Strategy & Search Engine Optimisation

The Results

Green Septic Solutions home page
Green Septic Solutions web page on mobile


“Damon and his team helped me to get my new business online and developed my website, which I am delighted with. He’s a really nice guy to work with and he was brilliant at helping me to better understand how to build a successful digital presence and one that will help me to grow my business. He also got me up to speed on search engines and SEO. If you want to work with someone that cares about your business, spends time to understand your business and wants to genuinely help you to succeed, then I’d highly recommend him.”

Mark Humphries, Owner, Heathfield